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To celebrate Woman’s day 2017 I made a small wallhanging with the word “KUT”, which is an acronym for “Kortweg, Uitermate Teleurstellend” in Dutch. It loosely translates to “In short, Utterly Disappointing”. It’s disappointing to see that in 2017 we are still not equal to our fellow male human, not in personal freedom, not in equality of pay, not in possibilities, not in access to resources and not in how we are perceived in society. Now as a female human living in the enlightened West, I feel I have just enough possibilities to shape my own path, but for the bigger part of humanity, female aswell male, it’s a harsh reality in which you are only busy with surviving the day and don’t become a victim of any kind of injustice.

Let’s set new standards for all of humanity which aren’t based on biology and equally divide everything life/ society and this earth has to offer and transform ourselves to something greater and better.

The Dutch meaning of the word is also the obscene term for the female genital.


Crocheted Phildar Cotton


40 cm x 30 cm




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