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Battle Samurai Muse

“The Muses are Ghosts, and sometimes they come uninvited” – Stephen King

It’s Spring, nature’s most creative period. Life resets and renews oneself. It’s an incredible creative force and the thing most associated with creative force is inspiration. Nature doesn’t need new sources of inspiration, because she is creation herself, but we humans need help to connect with that creative force. The form of this help comes in the shape of muses. With this in mind I started to visualize my own muse. What would she look like and what does she do to help?

I picture my muse to be a warrior, not the kind with wavy blond hair whispering soft words of motivation and not the kind who softly blows stardust over my face, takes my hand and leads me to creator’s Nirvana. My muse comes body armour with her sword on my throat, ready to strike if I don’t comply. To do art is to do battle, to battle with your material and to battle with oneself. Hence I present to you my Samurai Space Battle Muse.

“My theory is you shouldn’t apologize for believing in an idea-channeling muse. You should just be sure to feed her.” – Laurie Seidler


100% acrylic crocheted yarn


Life-size, mannequin