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Army of Stitches

Last year James Damore wrote a manifest in which he proclaimed that women were not good for high positions in the tech industry because of our biology. I’m not going into detail about this b*llshit manifest, but if you are interested you can read it here. Besides triggering a bit of anger, this gave me the inspiration for my Army of Stitches.

Background information

Being tired of this culture of “if you don’t look & think like us, you can’t play with us” I created three strong female identities. Exaggerating the femininity and the colors makes the work overwhelming and aggressive, like an army.

What use does it have to dwell on fairytale-ideas about equality and justice? Why don’t we start taking by force what THEY don’t want to share?

My Army

Three warrior queens inspired by diverse characters from Caribbean mythology/ religion.

*more information will follow*


*more information will follow*


This project had a lot of personal meaning for me. To be from a minority group in the Netherlands means, to me and many other people, to struggle with identity and to struggle with finding a place in which you belong. With this project I stopped searching outwards and flipped the process inwards to give the identities and anger which I carried inside of me for so long a face, a body, a voice and awesome outfits in yarn.

The Future

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100% acrylic crocheted yarn


Life-size, mannequins