On Art Struggles

The most important question and the most difficult to answer is to ask yourself “Why?” Why to do the things you do and to create the things you want to create. At art academy I had extreme difficulties to answer this question for myself because I felt the answer was quite obvious….because I love to make things, because I love colors and because I love to make a contribution in making the world a more beautiful and happier place. I thought about it for many years with as result I couldn’t make anything anymore, because everything felt so shallow and hollow and most of all I felt stupid. Somebody told me at art academy that it’s degrading for a person to seek happiness, because humanity is wired to suffer. We suffer to make a living, we suffer in our personal lives and we suffer growing old. The default human condition is to be in pain. So for one to make things because you want to make something beautiful and uplifting is a synonym for being a complete deluded fool. With this in mind I stopped feeling love for the creative arts.

New Beginning in Art

The last two years I started to crochet after a friend showed me amigurumi, the art of knitting/ crocheting small stuffed animals, and this opened a new world. I found a whole new way to practice art, to think about art and found a global community of other same-spirited people. To find others like you gives one context, purpose and meaning. It feels like a new beginning and a second chance.

One’s Own Artistic Path

If you are experiencing the same struggle, please keep in mind that nobody has copyright on art. Your art is your expression of your human experience, nothing is wrong and nothing is right, create the things you love and believe in. There are many forms of art, let nobody define your definition of art for you, unless you try follow a certain doctrine which is also perfectly fine. Don’t waste time to overthink things, the world is much bigger then the loud ass opinion of a few, there are people out there who believe in the same things. Protect the love you have inside, we are all in search of that place in which we belong.