Not only so, but we also glory in our sufferings, because we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope.
Romans 5:3-4

According to Elizabeth Gilbert there are two different kinds of creative people; the martyr and the trickster. I feel the concept of these two ideas/ archetypes but I never thought about them playing a part in the creative process. If you could choose which one would you rather be? The artistic martyr for whom everything is heavy, important and who takes his career extremely serious or would you rather be an artistic Trickster who is light, fun and remembers there are more important things then your art.

Being an artistic martyr is incredible hard and un-rewarding. You will suffer immensely and making art feels like an ungrateful task which rest solely on your precious light bringer shoulders. The trickster on the other hand is joyful, lighthearted and doesn’t take her/ his art that serious. The trickster recognizes the game and that’s all there is. In art academy they will teach you about the trickster and her/his cultural significance, but they will never point out how unhealthy and self-destructing the artistic martyrdom is.

Are you a Artistic Martyr or do you have the Trickster Mindset? Check the list below and see in which mindset you’re currently residing.

Artistic Martyrs

Believe they need to suffer and bleed for
their art.They believe the harder you suffer,
the better your art.

Believe in the concept of the starving artist

Believe the concept that you have to die
before you get any acknowledgement

Take themselves and art very serious

Don’t want to soil their art by promoting it like
some peasant-product for mass consumption

Artistic Tricksters

Are in it for fun

Add an element of play in their art

Understand that everything is just a game

Are lighthearted

Don’t take themselves and their art too serious

Are not planning on suffering at all

Keep on going when they make crap work

I can tell you from first hand that there isn’t any drop of fun nor pleasure in martyrdom, it kills you from the inside. The moment I decided only to make things out of love, fun and not to enhance some bullshit artistic career…everything felt and went much better.