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Artist Statement

I’m a visual artist with Asian roots in the Caribbean working from Delft, a city between Rotterdam and The Hague in The Netherlands.

My art explores the notion of one’s identity, transcultural & third culture aesthetics and feminist ideals with multi-colored crocheted yarn. In my artistic practice, which is associated with craft, fashion and women’s work, I examine different female identities.

With the strength and power of a thousand colors I want to create a vibration so high it breaks old thinking patterns and creates new frameworks in which everybody has a place.


// StreetGallery “Voor de Kunst” @Delft
From 21-03-2018/ 30-04-2018


// FashionClash – Showpieces @Maastricht
From 15-06-2018/ 17-06-2018/ 30-04-2018


2010 Bachelor of Arts – Royal Academy The Hague

2006 Bachelor of Communication and Information Technology – Hogeschool Rotterdam


// This Art Fair @Amsterdam
From 01-07-2017/ 12-08-2017

// Zomer Expositie Kunsthuis18 @Naaldwijk
From 01-07-2017/ 12-08-2017

// StreetGallery “Voor de Kunst” @Delft
From 21-03-2017/ 30-04-2017

// KunstBazaar, WPC Nederland 3 @Wateringen

// Gallery “Cretopia” @Rotterdam
From 11-02-2017/ 11-03-2017


// Bacinol, Open Ateliers @Delft
From 15-10-2016/ 16-10-2016


// Gallery “De vitrine”, @The Hague
From 21-03-2011/ 21-04-2011